The least versatile tool was the crescent wrench, which could bend metal and adjust nuts of various sizes. If you find something that interests you please see our order information or send. There is a small chip in the bottom edge if the lever cap which does not detract from the usability of the plane. Though my volt cordless drill is always close at hand, dating websites north I keep my brace and bit just as close.

These tools are repeatable and if the item photographed has been sold we usually have one similar in stock. Questions that need answers My Posts. Made in Germany hand drill, Sold. Jaws and ratchets function properly.

The Davistown Museum

Antique Hand Saws, brass back dovetail saws, keyhole saws, hack saws, meat saws, compass saws, crosscut saws, ripping saws, logging saws, docking saws, etc. Author Write something about yourself. Goodell- Pratt ratchet brace acq.


Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Why is the theme of this about collectors? All hammers had hickory handles. No chips or breaks on the corners.

  • It depends on the model and when they were made.
  • This plane features a reversible cutter which allows for bullnose work as well as usual block plane work.
  • Bartholomew ratchet braceca.

Skewed cutter, used to accurately square up an edge. The ratcheting allows you to work up against walls and to use your arms in tight spaces or more efficiently some motions with a brace are more tiring than others. Cast iron, natal japanned finish with rosewood handle and knob.

Leonard Bailey's first planes. It was easy work and the plane exceeds my expectations. Follow Blog via Email Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Millers Falls hand tool price guide.


About the Augers Once you get a good brace, you need to sharpen the auger. Antique Brass Name Plates. Stanley has manufactured just about every hand and power tool ever invented. This will either be a smaller suite-case style toolbox s with wheels, or a few small hand carried toolboxes small enough for my nephew to carry.

This would turn out to be the finest bit brace that Stanley would make. Because these tools sold well, there are still many examples available at farm and home sales, on the Internet and in antique shops, in every level of condition from poor to unused. Richard's Sheffield England.

Stanley vs. Bailey A Short History

Later version with the flat sides. As often found in these planes. Antique Fence Stretcher Chain walker fence tightener or stretcher, for chain or fence or barb wire. Nickel plated cast iron, used for marking rabbet jams, thickness of butts, mortises and marking, plus for squaring the edge of a butt hinge.

Bit Braces and Hand Drills

  1. Other Bailey pattern planes I've bought since then off of eBay have taken some tuning and that's it.
  2. The early non-Stanley Bailey planes tend to be more rare and quite valuable.
  3. Right angle ratchet braceca.

Antique Drills

Braces cleaned with a buffing wheel or wire wheel have functional value but are not collectible. These braces were preferred for use by public utilities, telephone companies, and industrial plants because they were made of a super rugged construction that held up under adverse conditions. The ratcheting chuck is a nice feature on high-end braces. Small antique finger joint wood box, blacksmith cherry heat forge welding compound.

The lip levers out the waste and pushes it up the flutes. Cant hook or peavey part, Sold. Barber Improved ratchet brace. And if you needed an end wrench, heaven help you. Contoured, polished high-impact polymer handles and knobs offer comfort and durability.

Many of the same tools were remarked and continued in the Handyman line. In fact, according to one farmer I worked for, the standard tool set was a hammer, pair of pliers, screwdriver or two and an angle wrench. Cast iron with a japanned finish. Virginia Toolworks Facebook Page.

How to Identify Stanley Hand Plane Age and Type (Type Study Tool)

No cracked totes or chips out of the wooden parts. Cast iron, japanned finish. Not sure if you help with this type of thing, dating but any knowledge I can get the better.

Virginia Toolworks

The Stanley company itself originated from the consolidation of the rule business of A. Just remember that not all Baileys were Stanleys. The Stanley catalog collection, to Four decades of rules, levels, try-squares, planes, and other Stanley tools and hardware.

And they will be eager to help you. Roughly speaking, the items higher on the list are better candidates for a used purchase than a new purchase. Shurly-Dietrich-Atkins Co. That applies as much to power planes as hand planes.

Bit Braces and Hand Drills

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Small Log Grapple Rotator. You can run the ratcheting either in forward or reverse, just like on a ratcheting wrench. Notify me of new posts via email. How Old is This Associated Engine? Cast iron, mongolian ladies dating japanned with nickel plated trimmings.

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