Coulson, fearing that Skye might turn, tasked agent Melinda May to follow her. Trying to bring dead agents back to life using alien blood blows everything else away. It was then that she came on to the idea to infiltrate S. Skye has been shown capable of holding her own in most situations. Skye attempted to leave, guy but May was forced to physically disallow it.

Given the Clairvoyant supposed psychic abilities, Skye devised a way to divided into teams of two, one agent that knows the coordinates of the target and the other with the information on the target. Hand me your side arm, let's find out. She accidentally went through the process of Terrigenesis and developed powerful seismic abilities. When Coulson's team finds her, xkcd dating age calculator she is alive and they place her in temporary isolation as they are not sure what she has been exposed to.

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Simmons is paralyzed along with the thug, and Skye and Fitz leave the train to track down Cybertek and Ian Quinn after they see the thugs handing over the package. Cal takes Jiaying's fate into his own hands, breaking her back into two. Skye quickly left the cell.

She wanted full disclosure from Coulson and he decided to give it. Trip and Skye are too late to stop Raina and she triggers terrigenesis. She confronted Ward on his betrayal and he told her that his feelings for her were real. After apologizing to Coulson for what her father has done, funny dating profile captions Skye promises she will fix it.

However, when agent Ward provided evidence that Lydon sold the information about Chan to mysterious sellers for one million dollars, she realized that he was not the man she thought he was. When Skye comes out of her terrigenesis, she instantly causes an earthquake which collapses the temple around her. During the Q and A, Skye stunned the panel by asking to sing. While Skye didn't get anything top secret out of Agent Ward, she began to trust S.


She often uses dry humor and sarcasm to distract and distance herself from situations and people that make her uncomfortable, or simply to lighten the mood during particularly stressful situations. It was later revealed that Skye is an Inhuman when she went on a mission to stop Raina from using a powerful O the Diviner. Fitz doesn't tell anyone, including Simmons. Skye became obsessed with finding out the truth about her parents, and eventually she ran away. She found out Centipede bought an estate in the desert.

So, Asgardians are aliens from another planet that visited us thousands of years ago? Her mother trains her to control her powers, while slowly trying to convince her that S. Coulson's team escaped as the building collapsed, burying their opponents. He takes Mike out of the chamber, fitting him with a prosthetic leg.

Skye attempts to reason with Mike, but he doesn't listen, leaving to complete his orders given by the Clairvoyant. When she was nine she stayed with a family, called the Brodys, that Skye particularly wanted to like her, but they soon sent her back to the orphanage. Still, regardless of how protective she is of herself, Skye often sees the best in other people, such as with Mike Peterson. Coulson kills Whitehall but is attacked by Zabo, Skye manages to convince her father to let Coulson go.

She heard Raina say that her father has been seeking her all her life and that she can escort her to him. Skye and the Rising Tide shared certain beliefs about the freedom and accessibility of information. Jiaying and Skye face off once more, this time with Skye winning the fight only to be stopped by Cal who tells her that killing her mother is not something she should have to live with. She soon became a field agent after completing training with Melinda May and became a valued member on Coulson's team. After he gave it, Coulson had him handcuffed to be put in federal custody.

  1. Ward and Fitz make it back to the Bus with the drug, but Coulson rushes in tells them not to give it to her.
  2. Daisy steals the Kree orb and all of the Terrigen crystals, and causes a massive earthquake to collapse the base as she leaves to find Hive.
  3. That's not something you just say like it's no big deal!
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The vision shows a Quinjet in space, someone in a S. Both Skye and Raina are transformed into Inhumans while Trip dies after being accidentally hit by a piece of the Diviner when it exploded. As Daisy and Charles lay on the ground, Daisy gets one more glimpse into the future. Daisy soon realizes too late that the homeless man is Inhuman as Hydra captures him, but not before touching his fingers.

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The first Inhuman that Daisy adds to her roster is Joey Guiterrez, who was given the abilities to manipulate metal within a certain distance. With his son free, Deathlok killed Garrett. Coulson told her not to reveal the serum origins until he got some answers, unaware that May was listening in the whole time. Skye tries to call for help but is unsuccessful due to the tremendous loss of blood.

Skye decides to begin to call herself Daisy at this point in time and Coulson decides to give her a team of Inhumans, promising to keep their identities safe. As Jiaying attempts to drain the life out of Skye, she uses her remaining strength to flip a Quinjet full of Terrigen crystals into the ocean and push her mother off her, destroying Jiaying's plans. In the episode beginning Skye is seen emptying her van as the agents prepare for takeoff. Ward told her that since he will always be honest with her, the truth was no.

The entire village and nearly two S. When Skye finally catches up with Raina, Agent Trip follows. Skye, May, Hunter and Triplett later went to Creel's location to arrest him and retrieve the Obelisk.

He is seen in the final scene as a veterinarian. She later stated, in detail, how she met her famous friends in her interview with Fader. Skye quickly made a rapid recovery, denmark but she was confined to her bed while Simmons performed tests to find out the drugs effects on her.

She posed as May to get Lloyd to co-operate and go into his bank account. Garrett soon says Ward has changed not just because of the team, but because of Skye. Skye was getting fed up with Simmons constantly drawing her blood and both Fitz and Simmons explain the drug's potential, but Skye unsuccessfully tries to dissuade them given it's origins. Fitz soon told Skye that May has an unauthorized encrypted phone on the plane and warned Coulson of this.

  • Fitz responds by telling her that it is possible, but he'd hate to meet the guy.
  • Coulson finds her near death and the team places her in the hyperbaric chamber.
  • She located Peterson through one of Fitz's drones, but she discovered that Deathlok didn't just have new weapons and a robotic leg, but he has grafted cybernetics within his body.
  • After assembling the Secret Warriors and saving Coulson's team, they quickly learned that Hive has infected one of them.
  • Coulson then left Ward alone with Skye, allowing her to inquiry Ward about S.
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