It has a blue imitation alligator case that weighs as much as the machine. First, determine what kind of thread jam you might have. Singer made it very easy for us to lube our machines. Hi there I have a singer machine in a cabinet with the bracket for the knee press manuals dated and it works fine.

This is obvious by the tables that have been sent in to the survey. Henrietta, I would be most interested to read your mom's paper. The full-rotary mechanism was quiet, efficient, guide and almost vibrationless.

Names such as, Jones I have two of these - suprise! If your machine only wants to go fast you can take the pedal apart and adjust the screw on the back of the pedal. Another check you can make to determine which model you have is to check the model number of the motor see the plate mounted on the motor. Never use oil in your motor.

Singer Sewing Machine Serial Number Database

Dating singer featherweight 221

Coming out of the motor is a wire attached to a light that is mounted behind the arm. The grease is no longer manufactured by Singer. This averages to be machines per day if my math is close, for a five day work week. Another is a Singer Almanac.

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My dad called me yesterday with some old newspapers he had bought and was reading to me from them. Pull that up and it will hold the bobbin in the case until you put it in the machine. It did not come to light until well after all the patent legislation was won and lost. Here's a nice link for y'all to save and use! As I understand it one of these was presented to every major Singer outlet in the period.

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Dating singer featherweight 221

Consider the source when reading this. So now you if you understood any of this, you can determine which direction the needle must be threaded. If it isn't correct, boone hookup giant loops will form on the underside of the fabric. That is a tension problem.

For American machines it gives two examples. It could well be that batches of numbers were allocated to various factories on a given day and this is the birthday we get and used until exhausted when a new batch would be allocated. For those of you that have a K made in Scotland, you won't find any bevel gears to lub. See how the light will illumine your work, save eyestrain, make sewing a joy on winter evenings. Using a pair of tweezers helps.

Or did Singer manufacture parts at certain times of the week, month or year, and then do assembly runs that could put out this vast number in such a short time? You can purchase them in large fabric stores or in shops selling sergers. The case goes into the machine with where the thread comes out at the top. Case changed from lift out style to shelf on left around this run.

Set the box outside in the hot sun for several days and it should smell better. One of these bios claims in one chapter that he was crippled from birth and tells in another how he led his Union troups on foot into Civil War battles! This has caused me to get a machine for next to nothing as it catches the thread and then if you pull it may let it go. Go through a beauty ritual of orderliness.

Dating Your Singer Featherweight Machine

Dating singer featherweight 221
  • The tension of the lower case should be so that if you held the thread and let the bobbin case fall from you hand remember to catch it with the other hand.
  • You can see, timing is critical.
  • It should have some resistance but flow.
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Dating Your Singer Featherweight. After Singer's patents ran out, many manufacturers copied their machines. Singer says these are a K and a K. The sewing machine was originally aimed at tailors, but Singer invented the idea of marketing to housewives. Your Featherweight is among the few that were mis-stamped.

Dating Your Singer Featherweight

Singer Featherweight Serial Numbers and Production Dates

Singer Featherweight - Dating Your Machine The Singer Featherweight Shop

McCabe were quite interesting. Singer did not drive Davis out of business as someone on this list was once told. Around this run seam allowance gauge was added. The oldest are all dated and are color pictures of people from around the world in native costumes using a Singer machine.

Comprehensive Singer Serial Number Database

It would refuse to be pushed down, then would drop suddenly and the machine would just take off. The later pedals are made of bakelite and are good pedals. Singer plant, so most machines made at this time were manufactured in Canada or Clydebank, Scotland. This is true, but only at the beginning and end of runs. My husband told me he knew of someone who had a table that matched their machine.

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You squeeze it out on top of the gear wheel mechaniism on one side and just work the fly wheel back and forth to lube the gears. The used all attachments, although a buttonholer created some strain. So I learned yet another procedure. Loved every minute of this information packed class! John's, describe myself for online dating Quebec Factory in Canada.


What is the Birthdate of My Singer Featherweight? Each of the four models of the featherweights were originally furnished with a different motor. Our goal is to know what makes our machines sing instead of chug-a-lug. Just use a drop or two in each oil hole, more just collects dust and makes a mess. Just wanted to let you know how much I personally enjoyed your workshop.

  1. The situation with Becky's two machines is even odder.
  2. You can also rewire a pedal when the wiring goes bad.
  3. Thank you for sharing all the information.
  4. Other interesting things you can look for are brochures.
Dating singer featherweight 221

The invention of all this technology did not necessarily free women up. This is a fairly common item wherever Singer products are displayed. Singer decided to produce locally whenever possible.

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