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It has symbols of crosses and birds on it. As you can see, it has some damage. Mary, Thank you so much for your reply. There is also a twisted wool cord woven around the rug.

It was a very tightly spun three ply very rare or four ply yarn in a variety of bright colors produced from commercial aniline dyes. The Trading Posts thrived as, first the arrival of the train brought a new and inquisitive crowd of tourists, and then the car brought a steady stream. The Navajo were formidable and slippery, always able to fall back and disappear into their stronghold of Canyon De Chelly. The weaving of blankets is almost exclusively performed by women whilst the men were in charge of building the looms. As some trading post operators such as J.

Vertical loom as used by the Navajo in weaving blankets and rugs. Navajo rugs usually have a wool warp. Government supplies of commercial cloth and yarn were being issued at Bosque Redondo and the weaving of this time displays a vast array of raveled and plied materials of many different colours. Purchases of manufactured yarn compensated for the deficit in wool production. Any information is highly appreciated.

How to Identify an Authentic Navajo Rug

Your site is extremely informative and I really enjoy reading your posts. Any input would be greatly appreciated. It placed a General James H. But finally politics had opened the ears of Washington.

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It is all wool, including the warp, has no fringe and has a side selvage cord. It appears to be original with the weaver and done extremely well. Thank you for this information. To do that, I need a clear close-up of a small area of the weaving, say about six square inches. The hemming is also very old and does seem to be original to the rug.

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You can read more about it here. The story is pieced together from Spanish records and second hand accounts. The same year saw the import of three-ply dyed yarn from Germantown, Pennsylvania.

The Churro sheep were famous for their long, smooth, silky staple fibers which were perfect for weaving. Many of these volunteers were more interested in captured slaves and livestock than real combat and could not be trusted to fight when the going got tough. It was costly and less profitable for Navajo weavers to work with this yarn and often only the best weavers made the investment. Do you have an idea of who may have woven this? The captured Navajos were sent to Fort Defiance and dispatched from there in large groups to be force marched to Fort Sumner at Bosque Redondo.

The Full History of Navajo Blankets and Rugs

Crosses probably inspired by Caucasus motifs. Not to be confused with other Native American tribes such as Apache, Pueblo or Ute, the Navajo peoples have their own language, religion and way of life. Hubbell, in spite of his respect for the integrity of traditional Indian weaving, was not averse to using foreign materials in order to make business. The weaver would probably have called with an Eyedazzler.

The Trading Posts and the Navajo Rug

How to Identify Navajo Textiles

This type of textile is most probably not a Navajo rug. Horizontally woven and horizontally displayed. The Navajo themselves say that when they arrived in this, the fourth world, the Kisani or Puebloans were already here and were in the process of building the great Pueblos of Chaco Canyon.

Ross foundation, continue to explore, document, and aid contemporary Navajo weavers. Search by Keyword Enter Keywords. There is one exception to the additional indicators of price, material and fringe.

If you Google Chimayo weaving you can learn more about it. The Navajo and Pueblo looms are practically identical, but the Navajo would have that the knowledge of weaving was already theirs when they first came in contact with the Puebloans. He was always under the impression that it was an authentic Navajo rug, but once I read your website, dentist dating a I realized it is not. You can send the pictures to my email address at mary.

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How to Identify an Authentic Navajo Rug

Can you tell me anything about this piece? Yes, it certainly looks Navajo. The Navajo were often the victims but also often the victors. New and important research and collaborations, such as those being conducted at the Gloria F. It is said that one of the women, secure of her safety in the inaccessible cave could not contain herself when the detachment was passing unaware of the Navajo hidden above.

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  • From what I can see, it certainly looks Navajo woven.
  • Origin and what it would have been used for.
  • The rest were finished off by the Spanish troops who found their way into the cave.
  • The Two Grey Hills trading post has become synonymous with the rug of that name.
  • Hi, I got this from an antique store.
  1. It was woven in two panels and then stitched together.
  2. Recent facts may challenge these ideas.
  3. The marks of the bullets left on the cave ceiling can still be seen today.
  4. Second, there is considerable sun fading on one side.
  5. Yes, Colleen, it looks like Hispanic rather than Navajo weaving.

The type of wool is a more precise dating tool, which is difficult to determine without having the blanket in your hands, and will usually require an expert. The earliest known surviving examples of Navajo blankets are but fragments dating from the Massacre Cave site near Chinle, Arizona and Canyon de Chelly. The Navajo had rebounded from the disaster of the Bosque to become the largest and most wealthy Indian Nation in the United States. Some traders bought the blankets by the pound, causing the entrepreneurial Navajo to fail to wash the grease from the wool and to make additions of sand and lard to add to the weight. Navajo rugs are warped in a continuous figure eight technique and the weaving fills the entire warp.

Please contact me directly for information on repairs and appraisal. Many of the Navajo, hearing of the formidable force, fled the canyon but a band of Navajo remained. Just wanted to see what you thought. The use of a native yellow derived from rabbit brush can be seen after that time, dating site for any sometimes in combination with indigo to create a green colour and may have been used before. The popularity and high regard of Navajo arts and crafts is a beautiful example of how a piece of primitive nomadic tribal culture have found its way into the homes of western civilization.

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Navajo Culture

Hello, I now I understand the rug I was given is not Navajo, but it appears hand woven. Juan Lorenzo Hubbell at Ganado, C. How to Identify an Authentic Navajo Rug.

The Trading Posts and the Navajo Rug

Chief s Blankets

During the mids a few intrepid frontiersmen set up trading posts in Navajo country. Please note that all items are subject to availability and that prices are subject to change without notice. This is called an optical illusion rug.

Hi Mary, Have learned much from your site. The history of Navajo weaving is in many ways the history of the Navajo people. The weaving is in good condition considering the age. Although there were still wild bands of Navajo and Apache that refused surrender, most of these starving peoples were eventually to accept their fate and the Bosque. The color choices are not typically Navajo, and there is markedly less pattern than you would usually see in a typical Navajo piece that is the same size.


Inside the Crystal Trading Post, effectively a fortified compound. It comes from the Middle East probably from northwestern Iran or Azerbaijan. But at the time the Navajo were keeping their promise of peace with the Whites and some kind of balance had to be achieved. Another ebay member is questioning whether it is authentic, could you please look over the listing, and please let me know if there is anything I need to add to the description. The first dyed color to be introduced into Navajo weaving was blue, female from indigo brought by the Spanish.

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