The outcome suggested that the time spent with their partner is inversely related to their academic performance. Additionally, Pelt stated that those relationships help develop personality. Investigators should be aware of potential confounds that can result from associated problem behaviors that are not of primary interest in a particular study.

The results may not be the case in the more mature age group. This is why they feel more motivated when they have romantic partners. College life can be stressful, grand although it is undoubtedly one of the most memorable experiences in one's life.

In connection with this, our study will focus on the effects of romantic relationship on the academic performance of Filipino students particularly, in the University of the Philippines. Thus, academic performance of the students engaged in romantic relationship which involves complex cognitive tasks is affected by romantic relationship. Students answered questions regarding personal life and habits that might affect their academic performance in a self-reporting survey.

It is according to the need to belong theory by which individuals have the determination to connect with others in enduring, close relationships. The positive and negative reactions of the students regarding romantic relationships are determined by the levels of anxiety and motivation as a student. Moreover, for support several researchers have linked depressive disorders or symptoms to underachievement e. Luqman said that an adolescent relationship plays an important role to adolescents as it develops the ability for committed relationships.

Adolescent academic achievement and romantic relationships

Dating and academic performance

The respondents were more pressured in managing their time the moment their romantic partners call or would like to communicate them. She taught at the elementary level for eight years, and has a Bachelor of Arts in psychology from York University in Toronto, Canada. That is why I broke up with him. When you started having a relationship does it inspires you more or not?

Dating and academic performance

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  1. Moreover, they feel that they are more comfortable when they involve in a relationship.
  2. Number seventeen of the survey was put in place to eliminate participants not fully cooperating.
  3. In this, status of time management was investigated as well as the levels of motivation and anxiety of the students.
  4. It is partaking in these relationships which shape and mold people into the individuals that they are.
  5. The emerging field of adolescent romantic relationships.

The main theme involved in most of the literature from the past was frequency of dating. However, Zimmer and Ginerbec find dating has a positive effect on the emotional health. Supportive Partners A supportive dating partner can encourage you when you need to be motivated. For a student, it also means working to achieve academic balance.

Dating and academic performance

Dating & Academic Performance

Teens nowadays consider romantic relationship as the number one source of stress Manning et al. Meaning to say, as their level of anxiety increases the academic performance decreases while as their anxiety level decreases, their academic performance increases. The variables were investigated using a descriptive survey method by the aid of a researcher made questionnaire.

The more time a person spends in a romantic relationship, the lesser the time will remain for the other tasks. She suggested that students should be given their needs such as the need to be involved or in other words, the need to belong. However, there are also respondents who agreed that they are motivated as students while they are involved in a romantic relationship. It was also shown that males who dated while in college felt a higher level of self-esteem through social interaction.

This study relates to the present study because it involves time management, motivation and anxiety. With greater emotional development and social skills, dating in later teen years can facilitate the development of personal identity and coping skills. The survey or the research itself tried to describe, analyze and interpret the status of the respondents.

Dating & Academic Performance

However, together with it must be the guidance that the academic performance of their siblings will not be affected. Meaning to say the change in the grades of the respondents was not dependent on their level of motivation. The results show that the respondents spent more time with their partner than in studying.

It has help me in finding out more detail about Best Education Loan. The findings are discussed with reference to theoretical, research, and treatment implications. Teenage students who are abstinent from sexual activity have higher academic achievement, according to Robert Rector and Kirk A. Do you think having an intimate relationship affects your studies? The study of Luqman on romantic relationship and its effects on academic performance, identity and self-esteem of students attending B.

Dating and academic performance

To determine the level of anxiety of the respondents in playing their role as a student. Combining her interests in both of these fields, Kilpatrick is a professional flower grower and a practicing, licensed mental health therapist. It implies that there are factors in romantic relationship which gives more impact on the academic performance of the students rather than the motivation it gives to the students. Research Papers Balaba, C. In this way, adolescents who are more knowledgeable can help in the cognitive development of their partner.

Dating and academic performance

This shows how prevalent is romantic relationship among adolescents. Data might have been compromised by the confusion of the participants. When my lover left me she sworn never to come back to me again but thank God that through the help of Dr.

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It implies that the respondents more time with their partner than in studying. Online Research Papers Crissey, S. What is the level of anxiety of the respondents in playing their role as a student? If you are going out a few times a week, cell phone dating you will have less time and energy for studying.

The two variables evaluated were grade point average and dating status. The main hypothesis of the study was that students involved in romantic relationships would not perform academically as well as their counterparts who do not date in college. Level of commitment to the relationship must also be taken into consideration.

  • It means that majority of the respondents can still pass their projects and homework on time even if they engage in romantic relationship.
  • Having a partner makes an individual feel the affection, care, and the like, that makes them motivated.
  • Additionally, it determines the levels of motivation and anxiety of the respondents.

Hocevar, Romantic relationships in emerging adulthood pp. Researchers used a stratified random sampling of one hundred nine married men and women, forty-seven single men and fifty-five single women. This hypothesis is plausible, however, given that attention problems are frequently comorbid with internalizing problems e. The third and fourth part will consider the levels of motivation and anxiety of the respondent as a student. Furthermore, motivation allows students to give their best on the task provided.

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